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DooleyMack Constructors, LLC takes great pride in our work. See what our clients think!
Sharing the following comments and key points about the services DM Constructors provided to us in the renovation of our medical building is necessary in order for a prospecitve client to truly understand how valuable working with their team allowed our project to run smoothly and meet necessary deadlines. From the inception of our relationship, DM Constructors took initiative and directed our project professionally and completely.  Their due diligence, quick assessments, detailed documentation and customer service reigned supreme.
In addition to DM Constructors being an excellent partner in the area of service and construction, they are dependable, reliable and most importanatly, responsive contractor.  Their leadership and management skills kept our project on the right track and schedule.
We highly recomment DM Constructors to any organization.  They have provided the resources and expertise to successfully meet our request on every occation.
Christopher Davis, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Jade Davis, Esq. COO
Manatee Cardiovascular Wellnes Institute
We would like to commend DM Constructors, LLC for the work they did in the renovation of the City of Venice Building Department.   Their job was not an easy one, it required the contractor to complete it in two phases so that the Department could continue to work reviewing plans and issuing permits. Their Superintendent was exemplary. They kept us informed of the schedule daily and was in constant touch with the subcontractors checking quality control and keeping the project moving. As a result, the project was completed within the 30 day contractual time period.
We would highly recommend DM Constructors, LLC to anyone who wants a high quality job completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to ongoing business. We have already received many compliments on the renovation from City staff and even other contractors who enjoy the new look and workmanship.
Building & Code Enforcement Director
Vince LaPorta, CBO
City of Venice

I have worked with construction contractors for nearly 20 years on hundreds of projects totaling over $5 Billion. I have to say this was the single best experience I have had working with a construction contractor. It is important to note that DM Constructors, LLC was very particular to make sure you as the owner were well taken care of as well as ensuring that we were provided the facilities and improvements necessary to hit the ground running and be successful. Chuck Evans and their Sr. Estimator were great to work with and presented a fair price for the work needed.
The communication and professionalism during the course of construction was second to none. Their Superintendent is an absolute asset to any project. Honestly, I have never seen anyone that could get a permit or an inspection as fast as they did on this project. They also explained everything that needed to be done, managed the schedule with an iron but respectful fist, and brought value far beyond the cost of this project.  I realize it must be somewhat of a challenge selecting contractors from so far away. You can't go wrong if you continue to use DM Constructors. I personally would not consider another property for any of my businesses unless DM Constructors' is on the job. Thanks again for using such a fine group to construct these facilities.
Mark A. Brewer
President & CEO
6R Martial Arts, LLC



It has been a pleasure working with Chuck Evans and his team over the past year on the addition to our site at Parkwood Square in Parrish, first on the construction of the shell building and then the build out of the small Tenant spaces as they were leased.
The company's attention to making sure the details were all done properly, while maintaining competitive pricing was what we were told to expect from DM Constructors and we were not disappointed. I was especially impressed with how the Superintendent was able to quickly resolve the unexpected issues that always seem to develop when turning paper and pencil drawings into a building with four different users.
Hopefully we can work together on another project soon.
Greg Butts
Property Manager
ROS No. 18, LLC


DM Constructors, LLC just completed construction of the Sunnyside Village Chapel, and has performed the manner in which I am pleased to share my comments regarding their service and operations.
DM Constructors, LLC won the contract for this project and has performed as expected, both on the time schedule projected and on budget. Prior to commencing with the project and during the building process, DM Constructors LLC has been very sensitive to the cost factors, and has worked with our Sunnyside team collaboratively to identify costs and the necessary trade-offs.
Communication with the DM Constructors LLC leadership team has been excellent. Regular meetings and appropriate, professional communication during the construction process has been the norm. When answers are needed, they were provided promptly and accurately.
Sunnyside Village  is a senior living community with just under 400 residents across the campus. Building a Chapel safely in this context has been a fair challenge. When the Sunnyside team met with DM Constructors as part of the bid review process, the first question the Sunnyside team wanted to pose to DM Constructors LLC regarded the safety measures they would take in this context. As it happened, DM Constructors LLC began their presentation with an outline of their safety procedures, fencing, proposed parking arrangements, and so on the Sunnyside team never needed to ask the question.
Additionally, the attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship in this facility has been excellent. Tom Daugherty, construction superintendent for this project, has provided constant supervision of the subs and has been an excellent communicator regarding any issues that showed up along the way. Subs were required to perform in a manner that resulted in a well built and finely detailed product. 
In short, the process exceeded our expectations. Sunnyside Village came into this project with high expectations and I am pleased to report that we have no negative critique for the work and management that DM Constructors LLC has provided throughout the course of this project. In my experience with prior construction projects, this has been a very professional and unusual experience. I'm pleased to recommend DM Constructors LLC and their team without reservation. 
J. David Yoder
Executive Director
Sunnyside Properties of Sarasota, Inc.

This is the second job DM Constructors has done for us a Our Home at Wares Creek Assisted Living, and we had a great experience on both occations. The quality of work was excellent. The job was completed within budget and on schedule within a compressed project timeline.  And they were diligent in following up on punch-list items.  I was most impressed with their service ethic, communication, and, most importantly, how they treated our residents.
The team took great effort to eliminate any issues the construction would have on our Alzheimer's patients. They showed the utmost care and respect for the needs of our residents at all times.  It is clear to me why your firm has a specialty in these types of projects.  I also appreciated the professionalism and focus on communication. And never felt like I needed to be on site to monitor the activities.
Steven F. Schroeder
Managing Member
Our Home at Wares Creek


We are greatly appreciative of the quality and diligence with which DM Constructors completed the project.  The Animal Rescue Coalition clinic turned out exactly as planned and they worked with us on a daily basis to keep the project within budget. Our staff and board were also pleasantly surprised that DM was able to deliver the project on time, a rare feat in the construction industry.  Our new home is beautiful and has a great quality feel. We look forward to working with them again.
Gisele Pintchuck
Executive Director
Animal Rescue Coalition

Thanks to the DM Constructors team for a very successful outcome on the Camelot Lakes Clubhouse and Fitness Center remodel!
Within three months of completion, our team has been able to sell 31% of our vacant homes in the community. So the impact of the renovations happened faster and with greater volume than we could have hoped. Most have said that their decision was influenced by the quality of the Clubhouse and Fitness Center.
We look forward to working with the DM team in the future
Mark Carrell
Property Manager
Camelot Communities MHP, LLC